App Development

Mobile Application

Our delivery app aims
to improve business (restaurant / eShop)

We will deliver an amazing mobile application that covers your business. Do you want to be unique and offer a mobile app for your restaurant? Are you looking for a possibility to expand your eCommerce? We will for sure help you!


A delivery solution with a customer application available for iOS and Android.


Application for any type of eCommerce business, fashion, jewelry, electronics both for iOS and Android...

Other industries

Do you work with logistics? Leave us a message and we will check if the application is suitable for your kind of business

How it works

This is a simple customer flow example.

Download app

Download the app from App Store or Google Play

Make a profile

Customer creates a profile in the application

Add to Cart

User will explore the app and add items to cart


After the user provides a card information order is completed.

Your Business Part

Example of order processing on business side.

Receive Notification

You will get a notification after an order is placed.

Check Details

See the order details in kitchen / warehouse application

Pack Order

Using the kitchen / warehouse app prepare the items for shipment

Ship Order

Ship the order with the carrier or use our courier app in case of self-delivery.


Our Approach

Every client is unique

When working with clients we focus to deliver what you need. We thoroughly examine every aspect of your requirements and then come with a solution that best describes you.


Don’t hesitate about contacting us. We offer a free quote, so you can see what we can offer before anything begins.

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